Preformed Lap Joint Exhaust Clamp
The simple, effective way to connect exhaust system components. Designed s for fast, easy and accurate installation - there's no need to separate pipes or exhaust members before clamping.

Causes no damaging distortion to pipe or flex. Band is designed for maximum stretch providing tight take-up on pipe/pipe or pipe/flex applications.
  • Longer bolts and pre-attached hardware make wraparound installation easy and accurate.
  • Additional sizes and materials may be available upon request.
  • The fastening system, includes force bars, bolts, nuts and the reaction block, creates the power to stretch the clamp band tightly around exhaust members.
  • Must be sold in multiples of ten (10).
Unit of Measure



N/A 2.00 in


N/A 304 Bright Stainless Steel

Pack Requirement

N/A Other packs may be available upon request